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Some medical conditions are best treated with surgery. There are also many surgeries, such as spine surgeries, that can be performed using minimally invasive methods. Read on to find out if minimally invasive spine surgery is right for you.

About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery has multiple advantages over open spine surgery. It includes smaller incisions, a shorter stay at the hospital, less muscle-related injury and a shorter period of recovery. It can produce near-instant results whether you have been experiencing spinal pain for many years or are in the early stages of your condition. However, not everyone with a painful spine condition will be able to undergo this type of procedure.

Whether or not you are an ideal candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery depends on a wide range of factors, such as your lifestyle, weight, and age. This is why you should take some time to ask yourself some questions if you are considering undergoing the procedure. However, keep in mind that the best way to determine if this type of surgery will be beneficial to you is to have a consultation with a qualified surgeon.

Are You Currently Managing Pain With Medication?

Minimally invasive spine surgery is intended to help you live your life without pain. If you are able to successfully manage your spine-related pain using the medication as prescribed by your physician, it may be better not to expose yourself to the risks associated with the procedure, such as blood clots, allergic reactions to anesthesia or possible injury to nearby blood vessels or nerves. However, if the medication has failed to provide you with adequate relief, you should speak to your doctor to discuss your surgical options.

What are Your Current Medical and Health Conditions?

People who have certain medical conditions or whose health is already significantly compromised may not qualify for the procedure. While there are risks associated with all surgeries, regardless how minimally invasive they may be, the risks increase significantly if you are suffering from certain heart conditions, have severe diabetes or have high blood pressure. The risks increase even more if these conditions are accompanied by advanced age.

What Other Therapies Have Been Tried?

In many cases, spinal pain can be managed with physical therapy, chiropractic care or prescription medication. An open spinal surgery may be performed to address the pain. There are also unconventional therapies that may alleviate the pain, such as yoga or acupuncture. When all of these options have been exhausted, and you are still suffering from spinal pain that is interfering with your quality of life, it may be time to inquire about minimally invasive spine surgery.

If you have been unable to find relief from chronic pain, you may be a good candidate for minimally invasive surgery. Contact us today at Capital City Neurosurgery to schedule your consultation.