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The sensation of pain is a result of a complex interaction between specialized nerves, the spinal column and the brain that involves rapid signaling systems, emergency responses and interpretive messaging. These patterns can vary in speed, degree, and intensity, from one person to another. People bring their own experiences and their genetic factors into how they experience pain. This means that one person can sustain an injury and find it only slightly uncomfortable, while another person with the same injury can have significant discomfort. At Capital City Neurosurgery, we understand that your experience of pain is unique, and we strive to provide the best treatments for your individual needs.

Using the Pain Scale To Measure Pain

Because the experience of pain is subject to individual perception and interpretation, medical experts have devised a number of ways to convey the degree of discomfort to those who are caring for patients. A numerical scale of zero to ten is often used in healthcare settings, with zero for having no pain and ten for extremely severe pain can often be the best way for patients to express their degree of discomfort. Verbal descriptions of the pain, such as “sharp,” “grinding,” “nagging,” or “dull” can help to describe pain for many people. Children often find it difficult to express their degree of pain to provide adequate information for their healthcare providers. In these cases, a chart that shows simple faces expressing varying degrees of pain makes it easier for them to communicate their discomfort. This type of pain scale can also be used for people with autism, to allow easier communication of their physical distress. These scales provide valuable information for determining appropriate treatment for patients in pain.

Causes of Back Pain

Studies indicate that back pain is a common problem. An estimated 80 percent of the population in the United States will experience low back pain at some time in their lives. Back injuries, resulting from automobile accidents or work-related activities are often the cause of chronic back pain. Degenerative disc disease, stenosis of the spinal column, herniation of the discs, spondylolisthesis and other problems can result in chronic pain that impacts the individuals to work and enjoy recreational activities. A number of treatments are available to relieve chronic back pain and allow free movement in comfort again. Your Columbus back physician can provide an accurate diagnosis of your pain and can offer a number of treatment options.

Make Capital City Neurosurgery Your Choice for Relief of Back Pain

Dr. Kelly Kiehm utilizes his extensive training in neurosurgery to provide relief of pain for his patients in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the most current surgical techniques, and unparalleled patient care to ensure a successful outcome for your treatment. Call us at Capital City Neurosurgery today at 614-442-0700 for an appointment to learn more about options for treatment of your back pain.