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Capital City Neurosurgery

Professional and personable. Dr. Khiem and his practice have been great!
Jim Schorr Avatar
Jim Schorr
Dr. Kiehm is the trifecta of doctors: 1) He’s methodical in determining the root cause and provides a clear and concise corrective action 2) He is highly skilled as a surgeon, minimally invasive and precise 3) Excellent bedside manners. I seldom write reviews but felt Dr. Kiehm deserved recognition for providing me with superior results.
Alan Garcia Avatar
Alan Garcia
I am very pleased with the procedure by Dr. Kiehm. Very positive experience. I highly recommend Capital City Neurosurgery.
Larry DeLeon Avatar
Larry DeLeon
Everyone has been great and helpful
Lisa Humphrey Avatar
Lisa Humphrey
I went to Dr Kiehm for a herniated disc in my neck. I had seen other doctors who were quick to schedule me for surgery but Dr Kiehm talked me through all of my options, including no surgery, but PT & time. He spent so much time answering all my questions and gave me great reassurance in my decision to not have surgery. He is so personable and truly cares about helping his patients make the right decision for them. I highly recommend him!
Fara G Avatar
Fara G
Dr. Kiehm is, and has been amazing. He takes time to understand and diagnose to your specific needs. He truly changed my quality of life for the better!
Joshua Tincher Avatar
Joshua Tincher
Everyone at Capital City Neurosurgery was fantastic. From the initial consultation through post surgery they were very thorough in taking care of me. Thank you Dr. Kiehm and staff for fixing me up!!
Craig McNeill Avatar
Craig McNeill
Dr. Keihm has been Fantastic. When I was in the hospital he checked on me every day. Kept me fully aware of what was going on and answered all of my questions. He is a neurosurgeon rockstar!
Bernhard Brown Avatar
Bernhard Brown
Thank you Dr. Keihm. I will recommend you to others. You really care for your patients. Even on weekend you still checked on me.
Patricia Okoro Avatar
Patricia Okoro
great care and awesome post surgery results
Christopher Allen Avatar
Christopher Allen
My name is Chris Buxton, I had a wonderful experience with Capital City Neurosurgery. I would recommend anyone to have a surgery by them. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.
Mcquate Buxton Avatar
Mcquate Buxton
Dr. Kiehm will go every route to alleviate your back pain making surgery the very last option.
Ron Cumberledge Avatar
Ron Cumberledge
Very nice people. Nice Doctor I would recommend his office to anybody.
Terry Borgan Avatar
Terry Borgan
My wife, after many years of back pain, Dr. Keihm was recommended by a relative. We made an appointment and we was immediately impressed by Dr. Keihm. Dr. Keihm set in motion everything necessary in order to help her. Every visit was informative and never was there any pressure to have surgery. Dr. Keihm put ALL alternatives on the table. After about a year had passed my wife decided that surgery was her only option. We discussed this with Dr. Keihm and he agreed to operate. My wife signed the papers and Dr. Keihm said he would call once scheduling was completed, but said even at that point she could change her mind. It has been about 1 year since Dr. Keihm performed surgery. My wife and I would definitely recommend Dr. Keihm.
Anonymous Avatar
This practice is friendly and understanding of what the patient is dealing with. After being put through test after test elsewhere I came to Dr. Keihm, who narrowed down the cause is in one office visit.
Julia George Avatar
Julia George
Very detailed, compassionate, and personable physician! Took extra time to explain my condition and ways to heal it naturally as well as other healthy tips. He was very kind and would highly recommend πŸ™‚
Heather Gearheart Avatar
Heather Gearheart
I cannot thank Dr. Kiehm enough! Dr. Kiehm performed my surgery August 31 to remove arthritic bone pressing L4-L5 that was causing severe sciatic pain down my right leg for years. He made a 1 inch incision and cleaned out all the bone fragments using a small tubular knife. I was in and out of the surgery center in less than 3.5 hours with instant pain relief. I am now pain free. I am so grateful to Dr Keihm and his staff. I highly recommend Capital City Neurosurgery to anyone experiencing spinal pain.
Linda McLean Avatar
Linda McLean
5 Star Rating here.

I had surgery a month ago for horrible Sciatic nerve pain in m y back and leg . I was to the point that I could not go up or down steps or walk . Dr Kiehm found a cyst on my spine that caused me the pain . He removed it and cleaned up L$ and L5 . The nerve pain was gone after the surgery and I feel that I have my life back to normal. I would highly recommend Dr Kiehm. He and his staff are game changers. Thanks
Joel Lewandowski Avatar
Joel Lewandowski
I had sciatic pain running down my leg with the outside of my leg totally numb. My foot was also numb. I dealt with this for a year. MRI s revealed a huge rupture between L4 & L5. I had my surgery on Dec 23, 2019. I haven't had any pain or numbness since since I woke up in recovery. Dr. Kiehm and his staff are top notch!!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else. The hardest thing I had to deal with was not being too active. I had to keep telling myself that I just had back surgery!! It was a wonderful experience.
Jerry Wechter Avatar
Jerry Wechter
Had surgery in December, Dr. Kiehm is very sweet and explains everything in great detail. It was a very good experience overall and of course I'm fixed !!
Barbara  Brown Avatar
Barbara Brown
Got me in quick and worked a miracle on my lower back - I had L3 herniated disk surgery - I would not go to any other surgeo. Than Dr Kiehm
Kurt schmalz Avatar
Kurt schmalz
I had a wakeboarding accident and a few other compounding factors. The thought of spine surgery terrified me but after a year of not walking and the worst pain in my life I finally turned to dr kiehm. He was very confident and put me at ease. The surgery went so well and I am just 2 weeks post op with no pain trying very hard to not dance all over my house πŸ˜†πŸ˜­. I’m so glad I trusted him to fix me. Finally have my life back! Thank you!
D Snyder Avatar
D Snyder
Good people. Great experience.
Eric Gast Avatar
Eric Gast
Does Dr. Blake treat Fibromyalgia (FMS) patients for overall wellness and pain management issues? I am looking for an wellness team approach to pain management for FMS. Advise please Thank you!
Dawn Wright Avatar
Dawn Wright
Kurt Schmalz Avatar
Kurt Schmalz
June 21st, 2019 I had a cervical fusion done & it was the best decision I ever made. He is a great surgeon & the best bedside manor. My scar is very minimal. People can’t even see it.
Patient Avatar
Dr Kiehm is absolutely wonderful! His insight, guidance and encouragement have been such a blessing, and his work is impeccable. He has my highest recommendation.
Lauren Hartley Avatar
Lauren Hartley
He was very thorough, fully explained the surgery and procedure, expected results and risks involved. He was compassionate and kind, responsive and reliable. Everything went exactly as he said it would.
Healthgrades User Avatar
Healthgrades User
I started out as a neuro surgery patient with Dr. Kiehm back in 2015. He is super nice, informative and he saved me from going through with a spinal surgery I don't need. He has been instrumental in helping me learn.

Dr. Kiehm referred me to Dr. Blake to get my medical Marijuana card. I saw her for that and got the card the same day. It was a very easy process. I have been using my cbd oil and Marijuana daily and have had great success in weaning off medications and getting my life back to normal!

I definitely recommend both Dr. Kiehm and Dr. Blake and I'm a huge fan of this medical Marijuana movement. I recommend them to everbody!
Jackie Biggs Avatar
Jackie Biggs
Dr. Kiehm is wonderful! I would recommend this practice to anyone! I was in a really tough spot with a herniated disc in my lower back, and Dr. Kiehm was so patient and kind. He did a great job with the surgery, and he always takes time to answer any questions that I have. My wife and I agree that Dr. Kiehm has been such a blessing during a really tough time in our life as both a doctor and a friend!
Jake Ferrier Avatar
Jake Ferrier